Terms & Conditions

Your attendance with The Perth Pub Tour (“TPPT”) is subject to your prior acceptance of TPPT’s terms and conditions.  You should read these terms carefully as they include important legal disclaimers and rules governing your attendance.  Proceeding to book a tour confirms your acceptance of these terms.

By sending an application to join one of TPPT’s entertaining tours you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All patrons of The Perth Pub Tour acknowledge that whilst on our tour you will be entering licensed venues and you undertake to follow and abide by the rules and regulations of each venue and any instructions given to you by the owners or operators of any venue.

  • Each patron is responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event. Patrons hereby acknowledge that occasionally circumstances outside of TPPT’s control can occur at popular evening entertainment venues that are open to the general public and our tours will therefore involve an element of risk.  Each patron, by purchasing a TPPT ticket, acknowledges and adopts these risks and acknowledges that they shall choose to attend each tour and to enter each venue of their own accord and can at any time determine that they do not wish to enter any venue or continue to attend any tour.

  • All bookings must be confirmed at least 1 day in advance of the date of any advertised tour and all tickets must be paid in full before the commencement of any TPPT events.

  • Patrons must be at least 18 years of age and be able to provide suitable identification to gain entry into any licensed venues we attend (Australian driving licence or passport are usually acceptable). It is each patron’s responsibility to have suitable identification and to be dressed appropriately so as to gain entry to all venues on the tour.  If you have any questions regarding appropriate dress please contact TPPT for further guidance.

  • Patrons acknowledge that gaining entry to licensed premises is not an exact or consistent science, and at times patrons will be refused entry for reasons beyond TPPT’s control.  TPPT will always use all reasonable endeavours to gain all patrons entry to each venue, but does not take any responsibility (nor will provide any refund) for the scenario where some patrons are unable to gain access to the next venue on a tour.  The decision of TPPT tour leader running the event as to whether the tour continues at the chosen venue despite some patrons not gaining access shall be final and that decision shall always be at the sole discretion of the tour leader.

  • Any patrons who wish to cancel a tour booking must give written notice of their cancellation to TPPT with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to the event start time to receive a full refund of the ticket price. Failure to do so could result in no refund being given.

  • TPPT reserves the right to visit any venue during any tour and also to alter any planned venues without notice. In the unexpected event of a cancellation of a tour by TPPT, we will endeavor to reschedule. If no rescheduled date/time is possible, we will reimburse the full ticket price.

  • TPPT events will naturally give patrons the opportunity to consume alcohol and we require that all patrons drink responsibly at all times whilst attending TPPT events.  TPPT accepts no liability for the actions of any other patron or any other member of the public, including (but not limited to) when any tour is within a licensed venue or in transit to the next venue.  TPPT shall have no liability for any loss or damage to any property.  TPPT excludes any liability, to the full extent permitted under law in Western Australia, for any injury or death caused to any patron.

  • Patrons (or any tour group) may be refused entry into licensed venues or refused service if any anti-social behaviour or intoxication is displayed. Venue security, law enforcement and TPPT reserve the right to eject any patrons from our tour and/or from any venue. If any patron is ejected from a tour (or from any venue that the tour group is attending or attempting to enter) that patron will immediately forfeit their right to continue to attend the tour and TPPT shall not be liable to refund any money to that patron.

  • The laws of Western Australia shall govern the performance and enforcement of these terms and conditions the parties agree to the Courts of Western Australia having exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from these terms or the provision of any services by TPPT.

  • Any notices sent to TPPT, including any notice of cancellation pursuant to clause 6 above, should be sent to info@theperthpubtour.com.au